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Fix Your Back. The Backaholic Masterclass

For years I have been helping people to fix their non specific back pain. These days, along side being an elderly gymnast, olympic weight lifter, Crossfit trainer  and first aid trainer, I spend a lot of my week in London, fixing peoples backs.

I have several advantages in this area

  • I’m open minded
  • I have a multidisciplinary back round.(Im  a massage therapist, personal trainer, teacher and assessor)
  • Im not trying to sell you multiple therapy sessions
  • Ive worked with loads of other professionals and Ive stolen their best tricks
  • I’m not trying to sell you a unique magic machine
  • I have over 20 years experience of studying this phenomenon
  • I have a bad back too

But, before I give you the sales pitch, let’s start off with safety.

Before seeing me,   you need to screen for Red flags. The chances are your doctor has already looked at you and has ruled out the nastier things. You may have a diagnosis of Non specific lower back pain.  You may get some pain relief, or the odd MRI, but nothing more

So, whats my “pitch”

During my 2 hour masterclass I’m going to prove to you that you use your back disgustingly badly in a way that even you will  take seriously.

Your back hurts because you misuse it all the time. You’ll become honest about your slumping place, and the fact you are a “Backaholic”.  You actually like the poor  positions you  put your back into and you enjoy how it feels, although later you complain about the pain. The moment you begin to realise this, is the moment you are on the road to recovery.

You need to stop becoming a victim, and start to take control. Taking responsibility is probably a good 40% of the cure.

So,  we start by looking at some first aid ideas.  Create your  own handy 1st aid back kit!

Among the many practical things we are going to do is learn how to lock your core down:  You’ll learn an abdominal brace  and an anti shrug.  We will  consider  the relationship your pelvis has with your rib cage and core and work out what goes where. Each week I see people crippled by back pain and I coach olympic lifters and gymnasts: I have to keep their backs safe and effective. Stopping your pain isn’t my go to standard! I want to be able to  get you to move and get on with your life.

During the session we are going to go on a back pain  hunt. We will see if your nerves need flossing, with easy to do drills and tests. This helps see the pain creators. Is it your upper back, your neck your hamstrings or your ankles: believe it or not they can all have a role.

I’ll  teach you to become your own massage therapist. There are key muscles and syndromes that you need to deal with, often by using hard balls, often in bits of your bum. You’ll be bemused by the connectivity of the human body. Back pain can come from your ass ( and elsewhere!).

Once you have “smashed up” the muscles that are part of your back pain  condition, you need to  stretch them, and then re educate them. I’ll start introducing you to a couple of key “M.E.T’s” that help your body remember what its meant to do and when.

Now we are going to get into some core strengthening. There are some specific safe core building exercises you have to do. I’ll teach them to you.

Now we have to take the pressure off your back by getting your hips and  shoulders to do their job, I have a great daily routine to teach you : angle flaps, monster walks, clams. Strong  and mobile hips and shoulders can work wonders for fixing your back pain, and for keeping you pain free

Now the life style stuff. The chances are you already know what happens before your back pain begins. Pain almost always has a pre cursor: It’s often correlated with tiredness, increasingly sloppiness, stress and excessive work. Learn to spot these and stop pain before it starts.

This session is wholly practical. I teach you how to do the drills and make you learn the skills.


  1. So there is a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t get value out of the session, I’ll give you your money back.

2. Bring your partner or carer for free: if you bring your partner along, I will teach them how to support your recovery.

I like to have no more than 10 participants ( but that can mean up to 20 people in the room if they all bring a carer).

In a public format I tend to run these masterclasses in functional gyms.

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