Backaholic at Home Program


The backaholic program works for people who suffer from back pain but are cleared  to receive  physical therapy and exercise.

In our ‘do at home’ program, you’ll work at your own pace as we help you find out why you have back pain and what’s causing it and how to fix it.

Many back professionals (physio’s, osteopaths, chiropractors) obsess about one thing: an obscure theory, pill-popping, back cracking, or hardcore exercises. 

Our task is to deliver to you a multidisciplinary solution without bankrupting you.  We will teach you the specific Stretches, and neural flosses you need and how to combine them with self-applied physical therapy techniques. We teach you how to Smash up the muscle adhesions that are contributing to your pain. We will then teach you how to  Educate your body. We get you to build the specific Strength and endurance your back and body need to be pain-free.

Additional lessons on:

  • sex. which sexual intercourse positions work if you are “flexion intolerant”
  • what time of the day to never, ever, do flexion exercises
  • learn how to “pick your skin” to unlock movement pattern
  • most foam rolling movements are nonsense, learn which ones work, and find out the self-massage tools that actually work.

Our how to fix back pain course is live and only £9.97

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